Advice and facts:

Common door, window & glazing faults:

Cloudy Glass:

  • Double Glazed Unit (DGU) thermally broken down - Replace.
  • Drainage blocked or insufficient - Clear or re-rout.


  • Insufficient air circulation in room - Fit trickle vents in frame.
  • Inefficient DGU - Replace for new 'K' specification argon filled DGU.
  • Living conditions - Look to unvented condensing appliances.

Door & Window issues:

  • Won't lock - Out of alignment or broken hardware - Service / repair.
  • Stiff handle operation - as above.
  • Draughty / leaking - Lack of compression - Usually requires servicing, possible broken hardware and or shrunken weather sealing gasket - Service / repair.
  • Dragging on sill - Re-alignment required via hinges and or glass / panel.

Safety & Security Requirements:

All doors & windows must meet the minimum requirements of BS7950 (windows) PAS24 (doors) this is a requirement of all home contents insurance providers.

  • Windows: Locking handles.
  • Doors: Min 15mm deadbolt or hook lock engagement.

Child Safety - windows: Safety devices must be fitted to all 1st floors and above windows. We can offer concealed or face fixed devices, all BS EN Tested & approved.

Working Practice:

Replacement glass:

We only supply and install BS Specified glass such as safety glass to patio doors, French doors and windows below 800mm from floor height.

We only supply and install Argon filled 'K' spec double glazed units. (silver or black spacer bar as required)

All glass installation is in accordance with BS6262 Pt.2 - code of practice.

Replacement door and window hardware & glass:

  • All hardware is supplied by long standing industry partners such as Mila Hardware Ltd, Titon Hardware Ltd and VBH GB.
  • All glass / dgu's are locally manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001.


  • Replacement hardware - 1 - 5 years (manufacturer dependant).
  • Replacement Glass / DGU's - 5 years.
  • Labour - 1 year.


  • Provided in writing.
  • Held for 30 days.
  • VAT registered.


  • On satisfactory completion of works our invoice will be presented for payment.
  • Payment by Cash / Cheque / Bank Transfer.


  • CSCS compliant - safe working practice accreditation card.
  • Public Liability Insurance - £5,000,000.00
  • 41yrs industry experience in manufacture, design, application and installation.